Piano Regulation

Grand piano action

Grand piano action

Are there keys on your piano that don't work properly or do you feel like your piano just doesn't play very well?

Periodic regulation is equally as important as tuning for a piano to function at its best.

Regulation is the process of making technical adjustments to the piano action to restore the mechanism to optimal playing condition.

Over time, the performance of a piano action tends to decline, due to the compression of felt, warping of wood, and other types of wear.

Many new pianos are not perfectly regulated when released from the factory, or quickly lose their regulation when moved to their new home, and can also benefit from regulation.

The goal of regulation is to make the piano's touch and sound consistent across the entire range of the keyboard, allowing it to comfortably achieve the widest possible range of dynamics, and make the keys responsive to even the most rapid or most subtle motions of the player.

I can handle all of your piano regulation needs and will generally be able to inform you of what types of services your piano could benefit from upon the initial visit.

Piano Repair

Piano repairs can include anything from replacing a broken string or hammer to fixing sticky or sluggish keys. Piano repair may entail fixing broken or replacing missing parts and repairing minor regulation problems.

  • Fix broken hammers
  • String replacement
  • Action repairs
  • Pedal repairs
  • Key repairs and keytop replacement
  • Etc.

I use the highest quality parts from the top piano supply houses.

Piano Cleaning

Over the years, pianos, like other valuable furniture, collect dust. However, pianos are much more difficult to clean than normal house items; properly cleaning the piano not only requires the correct tools, but the expertise and knowledge to do so.

The end result of cleaning is a longer life and a more beautiful instrument.

Piano Reconditioning

Reconditioning is putting a used piano back in good condition by cleaning, repairing and adjusting for maximum performance with replacement parts where specifically indicated and includes:

  • Thorough cleaning.
  • Repair or replacement of damaged parts as needed, typically including such jobs as felt replacement, key leveling, hammer filing or replacement, and partial restringing.
  • Adjustment, regulation, tuning, and voicing to return all parts to proper function, reduce mechanical noise, and improve tone.
  • Finish touch-up or polishing.

Evaluations and Appraisals

There are several reasons an  evaluation and appraisal should be performed:

  • If one is considering buying or selling a piano of average value, and the transaction is taking place between private parties.
  • To determine the value for insurance purposes in case of a loss, or to know the value when there has been a loss.
  • For estate settlement.
  • When a piano is going to be restored. 

In such cases the knowledge and experience of the piano technician is relied upon to establish a statement of the piano's condition and reasonable value.

I provide a written document with details of the evaluation and appraisal.

Don't get stuck with a lemon! Give me a call to check out that piano before you buy it.

Piano Moving

I do not provide piano moving services but work with and recommend these companies in Denver, CO both of whom provide superior service and reasonable rates: