Keep Your Pianos in Tune


What trials and tribulations and frowns and tears the "out-of-tune" piano has innocently been the cause! Does anybody know why there is so much negligence manifest regarding keeping the piano "in tune"? Surely it is very poor economy to allow it to stay out of tune. Every musician, to his chagrin and humiliation, has been obliged to play upon pianos so badly out of tune they would neither do themselves justice nor bring to their listeners any degree of pleasure.

People who are supposed to be cultured and even musical are great sinners in this respect, inflicting as they have upon both pianist and listener the most dreadful cacophony of sound, all because the piano was "out of tune." Gradually the hearing becomes accustomed to such a condition and is vitiated, while the taste for "tone and quality" becomes almost depraved.

An experienced tuner should go over the instrument at least twice a year. "I haven't had my instrument tuned for more than a year." is altogether too common an exclamation. "A merciful man is merciful to his beast." Surely musical people ought to be merciful to their pianos, and to their listeners. Many times it has been necessary for the pianist to stipulate that "the piano must be in tune" before consenting to play. This ought not to be necessary, and it casts reflection upon somebody that such a condition exists. Moral: "Keep your pianos in tune."